A huge thank you to all of you who attended my Bend & Brunch event last weekend! It was such a fabulous morning & I loved sharing my love for wellness & what I do with you all.

Those of you who don’t know about my Bend & Brunch events; these consist of a morning of fun & wellness. We start with an invigorating 60-minute yoga class. This is usually held in an outdoor space, allowing us to move within the sunshine &  breathe fresh air. 


I then take you all through a little workshop that speaks about the food I have prepared for brunch. My past event consisted of smoothie bowls but this changes from event to event. The workshop consists of a demo by myself with regards to how to make the food as well & some of my top wellness tips when it comes to using ingredients in your healthy dishes. The guests then take it into their own hands by plating or decorating their brunch however the like with the goodies provided. 

The best part of this all is definitely the goodie bags! A huge shout out & thank you to all the brands that supported me for my past event. It would not have been the same without your delicious treats to brighten up our morning! The PERFECT post yoga fuel. I have done a few little mini reviews below of each fabulous product that was contributed!

Deliciously Ella – Mini Energy Balls 

These are a staple of mine, I have been eating these ever since they launched & find it tough to go a day without eating a packet;) They are the perfect post yoga or teaching fuel for me. They are chewy, tasty & filling. Sometimes, if I am feeling peanut butter crazy, I dip them into peanut butter before I eat them, this is decadent & super energising. Thank you, Deliciously Ella, for providing these for my goodie bags. They went down a treat & the guests had (basically) wolfed them down before we had even got into Savanasa.

Full Green – Cauli, Sweet Potato & Broccoli Rice

These are the most convenient & nutritious little packs, perfect after a long day at work when you don’t have time to fuss around making a healthy meal. I love to pair these with a delicious curry or chickpea & butternut stew. I was so glad to have these in my goodie bags as I knew the guests would love having something they could try at home with their lunch or supper. Thank you, Full Green, for the amazing samples – I have had lots of great feedback about them from my guests.

Proper Corn

The platinum of popcorn, that is for sure! Wow, what delicious flavours we got given. The new chocolate flavour is unreal & totally addictive. These are my go to snack when I need a little salty or sweet boost but do not want to resort to junk food. Thank you, Proper Corn,  for stocking my gift bags with my favourite mid-afternoon snack on the planet! Made my day…

Mighty Bee

This little Bananito Bar was extremely unassuming – I had not tried it yet as I had only tried the Mighty Bee coconut water before. This is the UK’s 1st Solar-Dried Banana Bar – Great source of potassium & SO GOOD. I am super super impressed by this product & would highly recommend it to anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to stick on the healthy side. YUMMYYYY!

ManiLife Peanut Putter

Let’s just say I have found a peanut butter product that I can devour in one sitting – Their dark roast peanut butter is ridiculously good! I love using it in my Chocolate- Fudge smoothies because it gives that really nice fudgy taste. Manilife kindly gave me two tubs to use in smoothie bowls on the day, they went down sensationally & all the guests were fussing over them, asking where they could get it from. Amazing! Thank you so much.

Emily Crisps

I have been a fan of Emily Crisps ever since I discovered them at a wellness event in East London a few years ago. These genuinely are one of your 5 a day, no added nasty stuff just pure fruit or veg! We got the Crunchy Fig Banana in our bags – I have had this flavour a few times before & personally love it. They have loads of flavours & are the perfect snack – Any time of day. These go perfectly with a little glass of prosecco too ;) All about that balanced life! I actually also sometimes use these to top my smoothie bowls. I crunch them up a little & sprinkle them on top – We did this at the event over my B balanced bowl & it was a great addition! 


A new find of mine, Oatfit is a science led product. A porridge that has been created by Wendy O’neill (nutritionist) for her patients. The idea behind it is based on making a product that helps keep one fuller for longer with the correct amount of nutrients that one needs when living a busy & active life. I have been living off this ever since my event & loving it! It sustains me perfectly for all my early morning classes – Goodbye to those horrid dips I usually get between teaching classes, where I would usually reach out for coffee. Thank you Oatfit for sharing this revolutionary product & supplying us with your sachets for Bend & Brunch.

Pip & Nut

AHHH, where to start with this one! These nut butters have been a favourite of mine for a LONG time! I adore this brand & love everything that they represent. My favourite is their Coconut Almond butter & the new Chocolate & Orange! I use these on top of my smoothie bowls a lot because they are the perfect consistency to pour & not get lumps. Thank you, Pip & Nut, for not only providing your delicious samples for my bags but for also fuelling me for the past few years! 


We got given these delicious Chia Seed drinks & boy did we need them. It was a steamy Sunday morning in London & the guests were desperate for a cooling & delicious drink after the class and before the food demo. These were just perfect, the guests sipped away whilst chatting, between the yoga class & the brunch session. Thank you so much for these products, they really could not have gone down better. I am a definitely a fan & what a great way to get your protein & fibre hit tin one go!!!! Genius.


As you will all know, I am all about wellness from a holistic perspective. I love brands outside of food & fitness, that bring wellness into their USP. This is exactly what And.Sisters do. They are a feminine hygiene brand that use all organic cotton for their tampons & other products. I think we often don’t think about other products that we use on or in our bodies that could potentially not be the healthiest for our us to be exposed to. Thank you to brands like this who truly care about their consumers' health. I am converted!










Cucumber Clothing

Now this is the type of clothing brand that makes me tick… Their products are all made from technical fabrics that look and feel fabulous, whilst at the same time reducing all sweat and odours. The perfect yoga or lounge clothing – Especially in this heat! They also require minimal care – no fabric conditioner, tumble drying or ironing. They like to refer to themselves as the ‘ #nosweat solution for nightwear, loungewear and leisurewear.” I can vouch for that!

Their gorgeous harem pants are what I wore to the event – They have been my staple wardrobe for the past week & the best things about them is when I wash them they dry super fast so I know I can wear them for the next day;) This is not a paid partnership but I was given these pants & can honestly say that they are really lovely. Thank you, Cucumber clothing, for sending me your gorgeous jersey headbands for my gift bags as well as these awesome trousers, I know the guests loved them!

So that is a wrap… All in all it was a fun & exciting morning! 

I can’t wait to do my next Bend & Brunch event! Looks like it will be an August one!